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Hi, I'm

Thorvi Damle

I was born in Pune and grew up in the beautiful town of Pondicherry, with French colonial and local Tamil influences. I began my career in the corporate world, working in a prestigious organization where I led several global projects. Parallel to this, my interest in spirituality, intuition, philosophy and psychology meant I devoured books and learnt from mentors & guides and delved into the energy realm. I started sharing my life ideas, philosophies and views on my blog and podcast which quickly resonated with many others.

I was led to Tarot in 2016, it became my medium of choice and ever since I have helped countless individuals through difficult life situations. Guided by cosmic events I turned my passions into my full-time profession. I have developed a unique approach to the psychic art of Tarot, one that combines the power of intuition with the approach of project management, shifting focus from predictions to solutions. I thrive delving into the unknown and finding solutions that are otherwise hidden.

"My mission is to guide people, ease their internal struggles and help them walk through life empowered, not to make life easy instead make it exciting no matter the circumstances. I want to encourage people to take 100% responsibility of their life and watch miracles unfold once they reset their mindset"

When I am not writing or pulling out Tarot cards, you will find me reading a book, spending time with animals, cooking or traveling. 

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