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About the Book
In Two Minds? How Tarot can help you decide

While working with my clients, I realized I was being asked similar questions by many. Questions around Tarot, myths around it, fear surrounding it, questions on the decision-making process etc. I felt the need to share my approach and demystify Tarot on a larger scale and give everyone the opportunity to firstly understand decision-making and then how Tarot can be a great tool for this. 

This book shows you the use of Tarot in holistic decision making. How it can raise your chances of excelling at work, in relationships, in health, in wealth and boost your zeal for life when you include it in your decision-making process. Tarot beyond the smokes and mirrors and the conventional outlook, bringing it into the limelight, open for analysis.

On the pages of this one-of-a-kind book, you will discover:
•    How Tarot can transform your life and remove the stress from decision making
•    Holistic decision making & factors keeping you stressed in life
•    Includes the specially crafted “Four steps to Elevate” method
•    Demystifying Tarot, removing misconceptions and understand what a true Tarot session looks like
•    Psychology of Tarot and understanding its rich history

Anyone who has ever had to make a decision in life, or struggled with sleepless nights around a major life change needs to read this book. 

Include your friends and family, gift them the book so that they can elevate with you.


The book demystifies the world of Tarot for the common person and shifts the light from the cliched view of what Tarot is and could do for you. Thorvi connects to you through her book in a way that is personal and relatable. I felt like I was embarking on a guided journey through her learned experiences. Highly recommend it !

Dr.Ramyadarshini V, New Zealand

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