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My Mantra for 2023

I am not one to have mantras or quotes for a year, but this year something popped up and actually stood out in my minds eye. If there is one thing I want to remind myself through 2023 it would be "Light-heartedness". I usually write on heavy topics, topics that are aimed at getting right to the heart of tough subjects in life and trying to make sense or workarounds to make life liveable. People do resonate and do get their answers and directions from these and I am ever grateful to God for these inspired downloads and to the readers who encourage me to keep writing. But sometimes in all of this heavy mental lifting, I forget to keep life light and fun. I am not someone who can skim through life, trying to find deeper meaning is like engrained in my system, but the importance of light-heartedness and fun cannot be undermined, to sometimes stop trying to find any meaning and just living life for the sake of it, enjoying the little things in life. Agreed that we are souls on this earth on a journey towards inner evolution but life is also to be stopped, taken in, admired, adored and experienced without