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Apasmara, the demon that still exists

Most of you must have heard of the dancing form of Lord Shiva, Lord Nataraja. Usually, artists and dancers worship this form of the dancing Lord Shiva, standing on one leg in a dance position with the other leg in the air and arms in dance mudras. You will notice that he is standing on someone, a small dwarf-like being, sometimes looks like a child, this is the demon Apasmara and today we will touch upon his story and how Lord Shiva managed to control him and why. I felt like touching upon this particular story as the current world affairs, fake news, controversies, mudslinging by people at power, blame games, people saying whatever they feel like under the blanket of free speech, believe me, this story will resonate and resonate loud. Most of you may know this story, yet I urge you to read along, maybe something new might strike you.