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Buy? No Buy? The property dilemma

Investing in a property is one of the biggest financial decisions in life. For most working professionals it is a dream and as exciting as it is, it can quickly become overwhelming. Housing loans have made this dream possible for almost anyone and property is and will always be a hot commodity. In Hindi, we say the three essentials of living are "Roti, Kapada, Makaan" which means Food, Clothing, and House. For many of us, this is also emotional and sentimental, a dream that is generational. Parents who worked hard all their lives to educate their children in the hopes that their children get good jobs to be able to one day buy a house. It may not be everyone’s story, but it is a common theme irrespective of the country.

Whether you have enough liquid cash to buy the property in one payment or you need to approach a bank to fund most of it, this is one decision that is always made with utmost caution. There are many facets to it and for a first-time property buyer/investor it can be daunting. Property agents, builders, brokers, banks, and even neighbors, colleagues, cousins, aunts, uncles, and family, everyone adds to the layer of perception to this decision. The commercial aspect focuses on smart marketing, creating an illusion of ease and the friends and family add through their individual lenses, all of which is not specific to you.

Have you ever considered the role of your intuition in this decision? Let me ask you this, have you ever visited someone’s house or a hotel or a place and felt uncomfortable energy? Certain places give off an energy that makes you uneasy and you just want to leave. Especially hotels, if you travel frequently, I am sure you have experienced this at least once. Or you visited a client site or a new acquaintance and you were so uneasy that you excused yourself and left that place asap? This is your intuition speaking. There may not be anything apparently wrong with the place, and to the logical brain this does not make sense, but there is always your gut picking up on these frequencies and you MUST listen to it.

The reason I mention it here is for most people, a house is a once-in-a-lifetime investment, and they plan to live there and make it a home. If this decision goes wrong, it affects each and every aspect of that person’s life. Starting from finances to relationships and ultimately health. As a professional, I am sure you will ensure that the logical side of things is covered, like the paperwork, legal documents, bank loan, location, builder’s credibility, and so on. Yet the softer aspect of it is often neglected which leads to more harm than imagined. The property in itself may be perfect yet it may not bring any happiness or peace of mind or prosperity to you individually. Because even with all the information there are always hidden factors that influence our experiences and though we cannot always avoid them, we do have the tools to bring awareness.

I have observed people who bought properties and along came issues with the builders, with the city planning officials, with the electricity board, with maintenance, with water, with neighbors and the list goes on. I have also observed people once they moved into a new property, they experienced more peace and prosperity. As a student of Vastu Shastra (the science of energies in places/properties), I know for sure that each property is a living entity in itself, with its own energy grid, and similar to tuning into a radio frequency it can elevate or decrease our life experience. We all agree that living next to a high-frequency electricity grid tower affects health, yet science has not caught up with the effects of the energies of Vastu on human lives. Alas, the Vastu consultation market is highly exploitative, and very few genuine experts exist. In India, most builders are including Vastu-compliant homes and this makes it a bit easier yet this is not 100% catered to an individual.

How then to tap into the softer side of property buying? How does one tap into their intuition and make the right decision for themselves? How does one be sure before investing lakhs of rupees or thousands of dollars in this decision? What if Vastu is not something you want to look at?

I have worked with many clients, helping them address this exact dilemma. Clients approach me once they have done their due diligence on the properties and have 2-3 properties as options or sometimes just that one property they are drawn to. We sit down and tap into the power of intuition using Tarot analytics and diagnostics and weigh the pros and cons of each option. By the end of the session, they have clarity on the decision and can go ahead with confidence. Clients have experienced a weight lifted off their shoulders and a sense of positive enthusiasm toward the decision. This has also helped them be aware of possible potholes, challenges, and issues they need to prepare for. Sometimes the family expectation and external pressure were so much, they could not listen to their inner voice and could not stand their ground, even in those cases Tarot helped them get clarity and they were able to block out the noise and take the right decision for themselves.

I am excited to release my eBook for first-time property buyers or anyone thinking of investing in a property. It is called “A Framework to your next property” and is an eBook cum worksheet. It includes a framework to help you think through the main points and eliminate confusion in the initial stages of investing in a property. With the marketing on properties getting creative and sneaky they always try to upsell and make you spend more than your requirements. This eBook walks you through simple steps in the form of a thought framework and will help you get clarity on the type of property you should look for. You can use the worksheet section to make your notes and involve your family as in this exercise.

I was unsure of the pricing of this book, hence I decided to share it without a price tag. This eBook is completely free! Hop onto my website, share your name and email so I know you said hi, and download this for free. Please encourage your friends and family to go to the website and download from there, as this helps motivate me to create more such content.

For my special property consultation, you can email me with the subject line “Property consultation” and we can work together towards your stress-free experience. You can find the details in the link


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