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Decade away

A decade has passed by, a lot has transpired for me personally mostly some massive life lessons. In the wake of this new decade, I can feel a change coming along, a tide slowly building up, rising away in the background as if to eventually wash over, leaving a fresh new me. Similar to a magical door appearing , one step away from wonderland, one step away from a total transformation.

Looking back at this decade, I do not feel all that different, yet I am definitely not who I was in 2010. It is strange, because at my core I am the same soul, yet something is different now. Like a kernel of popcorn, flavored with new seasoning, tastier and better though a bit more cooked 😉 (and age is not really the factor).

Alice in Wonderland

I have always put a lot of pressure on a new year, expecting each time that it will be “THE YEAR” when I will have it all, only to be a bit disappointed. So this year I have no expectations at all. Don’t get me wrong, I still have my hopes, wishes and dreams and I know they will come true, but there is no pressure on 2020 to be it all. Instead, I have decided to observe it from a sweet distance, like enjoying a long drive on an empty road, physically taking the baby steps towards self improvement but not caught up in it all.

If great wisdom resides within all of us, then just observing ourselves closely, watching our lives unravel should be like a treasure hunt for El Dorado :-). I want to be so busy improving myself that I do not have time to criticize others (the latter part will need some practice .. he he) . Every time I find myself, getting swept away in the stress of it all, I will step away, refocus and allow the universe some wriggle room to work its magic.

I asked the divine to guide me and I pulled the two oracle cards below, hope these will resonate with you all as well. Setting an intention rather than a resolution for this year, the intention of getting out of my own way, taking a breath and observing the year as it happens.

Wishing everyone a Creative, Motivational and Euphoric 2020


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