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Krishna.. the lovable god

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Oh Lord Krishna, thy one embrace is all I seek…one embrace of paramananda… one embrace of solace…one embrace of eternal love, just the thought of it makes my heart leap with joy, that one embrace where I cease to exist and go back to where I belong, oh but a tiny part of you.. for I have wandered for eternity through this creation of yours, aspiring more with every birth, just thy one embrace – a small something I penned down 3 years ago.

Ever wondered why is that when we utter the name Krishna, we feel such joy, such love… No other god evokes so much comfort as Krishna… He is divine, yet he is a lover, he is a child, he is a warrior, he is a friend, he is a husband, he is a brother… in any relation, you imagine him, and that pure bhakti just fl