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Sensing Energies – The unsung super power

Photocredit- Madhumithaa (a dear childhood friend)

Throughout life I have been fascinated by energy, not in terms of physics or mathematics, more so in terms of its existence around us and within us. Growing up as a Pisces kid, feeling and sensing the energy drama around me was second nature. Albeit it took me 33 years to start understanding what I was feeling and sensing. It was a superpower I didn’t know I possessed, I wished as a kid someone had told me what it was and how I could cultivate it.

The term usually given to a person like this is Empath. A person who can sense, feel energies in and around him/her that others may not pick up, understand intentions and sometimes predict outcomes. The downside to this superpower is that if left unprotected, one can end up feeling drained (mentally, emotionally and physically) as empaths can pick up on other’s emotions, intentions, pain, fear, anger and a varied spectrum in between, not just sensing them but feeling them as well.

The concept of energy works like money, you need to earn the energy reserve, you need to protect the energy reserve and you need to increase it to move ahead on the path of spirituality and life alike. Learning to use and cultivate this sensing of the energy play which is happening around us always is key. There are energy vampires, people who are ready to sap your energy the moment you let your guard down and all of us have experienced this. They don’t have fangs or wear a cape like Dracula (would be awesome if that happened), but you can still recognize them. I bet you have met someone, every time you meet leaves you feeling drained, sad and tired for no apparent reason. Most of them don’t do it on purpose, but they can suck all the good feelings vibes out of you like a Dementor from Azkaban.

And then there are blessed souls who are ready to donate their energy in times of need, when you meet such people you go away feeling uplifted and positive in life. It is enough if we become aware of the different types of people out there and how these subtle energies can play out on our psyche and physical body. Energy work has been under the shadows of religion and spirituality for a long time. Mainly because it is not something to be seen but something to be felt. We are so sure of what we see and only believe in what we see that we forget, what we see is the biggest Maya of all 😊. The lack of awareness has facilitated many con artists to feed off unsuspecting people under the name of spiritual progress.

Genuine Empaths are often branded as emotional and taught to ignore the energy play. I grappled with this part of my existence for a long time, thinking I was a moody person and that I had mood swings. Much later in life I learnt what it actually was, since then I have experimented with the energy play in my own small ways and have been astounded by the results, mainly using crystals and mantras as my tools. Here is something you can try right now, hold your right hand and hover over your left arm, an inch or so above your left hand, do not touch the skin. Now slowly move your right hand over the left arm keeping this gap, in a few seconds you will start feeling tingling sensation. This is your aura or your own energy sheath, try it out on friends and family. Slowly you will learn to sense the subtle energies from strangers without moving a finger. It takes practice and you may not be able to judge accurately at first, but keep it at it.

Your Energy Introduces You Even Before You Speak Random Pinterest Quote

This superpower has helped me scan intentions of people in the most accurate way and though it takes a long time for others to physically see the dark side of that person, it is crystal clear to me and now I trust that sense more than logic. Not that I can understand what others are thinking, that would be scary, don’t want to read minds, no thank you! But isn’t it wonderful to have your own personal scanner, shhhh no one needs to know about! I am still working on it and its not perfect I must admit that it is the fun of experimenting 😊. I don’t have to use it with animals, but with humans who are so complex and unpredictable, this is invaluable to navigate through waters of life. I will keep revisiting this subject and share more experiences in articles to come. This was just a teaser at this vast topic and dip in the cosmic ocean of the energy play.


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