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Waves of Gratitude

Sipping my cup of afternoon tea, standing by the french window in my dining room and looking out at my small back garden. The orange sun setting in the west, peeking through the trees, nodding a silent goodbye. On the fence wall among the creepers, I can see a squirrel glancing at me with curiosity before scampering away in a hurry and two red whiskered bulbul birds, perched on the barbed wire, at ease and peaceful as the day draws to an end.

A butterfly flutters in suddenly and sits on the ground in front as if to say, hey look at me, I am here too. My small garden with a handful of potted plants, is just starting to bloom as spring begins. Among them, a white rose has greeted me today, a beautiful valentine’s day present. A red hibiscus flower stands tall and pretty, next to a bunch of pink bud roses, saying hello. A few sly lizards are crawling away at a distance and a tiny beetle crosses the garden pathway