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A woman’s Identity in a marriage

How important is maintaining one’s identity within a marriage? Women most of the time tend to take the back seat in a marriage and like water they flow and take shape as per their husband and his family. In India especially, a woman is expected to take care of the entire family and never expect any thank you or appreciation for her work. This is the ultimate form of sacrifice for the building of a stable nation. A housewife ensures the health, happiness, growth, stability, and nourishment of her family. She takes on a 24x7x365 days job till her last day, silently supporting and holding up the foundation on which her husband builds his career, her children study and build their personalities, characters, and their careers, and her grandchildren receive the showering of love, adoration, and guidance, her in-laws receive the support and care at their old age. Even working women in India go through this and they get no levy because they are working.