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Demystifying Tarot… Or Not 😉

Tarot came into my life a couple of years back, and I started out as a skeptic. I would watch YouTube videos for my sun sign and would always doubt what I heard, these people felt like they were just spinning some vague story. But something kept pulling me back, I decided to invest in learning Tarot. The best way to demystify something is to study it. I bought my first deck of Tarot cards (Tarot of Dreams by Ciro Marchetti) and leapt straight into learning and memorizing the cards and their meanings. I started with small personal readings and then forced my family members to get their readings done (not that they had a choice in it😉). My amazing set of friends came forward and let me give them personal readings, slowly but steadily this world of the tarot cards unfurled, and I stepped into the enchanted forest of intuition.

It was pure magic, and yet it wasn’t. Scientists have found out that our brains work 13 secs in the future and many times people escape accidents by quick reflexes signaled by their subconscious brain. We are so much more than our brains and if you truly aspire and pursue, your higher self will respond. One may wonder, how does my higher-self know about another person’s life path? For anyone who has watched the movie ‘Avatar’ this will be easy to visualize, we are all connected to the universal consciousness. When reading for another person ask guidance from this pool which is very much alive, ask and ye shall receive.

Tarot is not so much a predictive tool, then a guidance mechanism. It is the GPS lady telling you what is ahead on the path and how to reach your destination, whether you take that right turn or keep moving straight is up to you. Isn’t that exciting? truly empowering? Ultimately is our freewill, in Mahabharata, Krishna imparts the wisdom of Gita to Arjuna and in the end says “yathechchhasi tathā kuru” which means Do as you wish. We all have life lessons we need to learn and once you know what they are, you can easily navigate the waters of life. Responding to life instead of reacting to it. I continue to explore tarot, experiment with it, I fail sometimes or sometimes things are not very clear, but this is not about perfectionism, this is about getting a different perspective on life. I welcome you to join me on this new journey as I share my stories, thoughts and lessons learned and as promised it will be more that just Tarot.


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