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Loss of a romantic other

Today's topic is in popular demand, I have been thinking of penning it down for many days now, and yes it is a part of my upcoming creative project, so will be a sort of sneak peek or preview. Loss of a romantic relationship, it can be a girlfriend /boyfriend or a 20 year old marriage, it can be due to separation of loss of life. A heartbreak as we call it can happen at any age and at any stage of a relationship. The hurt or pain felt is also relative, depending on how involved you were in the relationship, does not matter if the other person loved you or how much, the hurt will only depend on your involvement. The loss of a relationship can make you question your self-worth, because the first question after it ends is usually, did I do something wrong? Why me? Am I not enough? And especially if the person chose someone else over you. I am trying to make it as generic as possible, but the scenarios are endless and I am not a psychologist or therapist so whatever I share with you guys are totally my personal opinions and ideas. If they do not resonate please feel free to ignore.