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Mirror Mirror on the wall..

I saw a beautiful oracle card the other day, it depicted a white swan swimming in the pond, and looking down at its reflection in the water. What it saw was not it’s plain self, it saw a queen sawn with a diamond crown and a beautiful necklace. This got me thinking, what do I see in the mirror?

At some point in life, most of us have seen a grander version of ourselves in the mirror. Do you still see that vision? When I asked myself this, I was surprised to find the answer was no. Off late when I look into the mirror , I see an aging me, I see blemishes on my skin, dark circles under my eyes, a thinning hairline and of course outgrown eyebrows (thanks to the pandemic it has been ages I entered a beauty salon). I am not necessarily sad when I see all this, it is a matter of fact reflection of reality isn't it, or is it? There was a time in life when I used to see a beautiful crowned empress staring back, where did she disappear? And is she even required? Isn't the mirror now doing its job of reflecting reality?

I truly believe we are the creators of our life and our thoughts and feelings mould our reality. Hence visions of a better version of ourselves are imperative. These are not hallucinations, take it metaphorically, these are the best versions of ourselves that exist in our mind and as years go by we do manage to achieve the changes piece by piece. These are the best versions of ourselves in body, mind, spirit, wealth, status, adoration and recognition in some form or another. This is what keeps us motivated to take action everyday and give it our best, consciously or not. It is important in today’s age to keep that reflection alive, even for our human collective. Gone are the days when people stopped and patted the back of a fellow co-worker, neighbour or family member for a job well done, even a small one. It happens but sporadically, especially at work, companies are investing in HR trainers who teach people to be self-motivated and claim that even expecting an email of appreciation is the wrong and one must work without any expectations. It is a sad state of affairs where we do not want to celebrate our fellow humans. If someone gets a promotion in the company, they are asked not to share with everyone or make a celebration out of it, the culture is turning so dry and mechanical, and the physical distances due to the pandemic make things that much colder.

In this world which is dealing with one crisis after another, and is so fast paced that the primal nature of all humans is still self preservation, may not be in the form of hunting, but all of us are thinking of survival at some level, so much so that we have stopped celebrating each other. This is where those reflections are of paramount importance, the ability to imagine a happier you is the foundation of all growth, our ability to thrive rests on this.

Past few weeks I have been getting news of people passing away, distant relatives, family friends, relatives of close friends and due to the pandemic rules, even the closest relatives are unable to attend the last rites or spend time with the people who have lost someone. We cannot even visit and share their grief. This situation has reminded us all that we are born alone and we will die alone, the sooner we accept this fact, the more at ease we will be. Our grand reflections are the only company that will truly stay and help us hold onto hope when there may seem none. Manifesting is the true measure of aliveness

No matter what your age, your physical or financial situation, never stop manifesting, for yourself and also the collective. Manifesting is the true measure of aliveness. The biggest tool is the queen swan starring back from that mirror. We all have heard the story of Snow White and the seven dwarfs. Snow White had an evil stepmother who was the queen and this queen had a magic mirror. Everyday the queen would stand in front of this mirror and ask “Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?” and the mirror would show her the best version of herself and say “You my majesty”. Forget the rest of the story for a while, and only remember this part. We need to be like the evil queen (ok drop the evil bit), in the sense, keep the magic in the mirrors alive, have faith in the visions you hold for yourself and believe in that magnetic person staring back.

Most of us are working from home and even for those who are not, find a mirror, in the office restroom, few times a day look at yourself in the mirror and say “I love You”, “Hey Gorgeous”, “Hi Handsome”, “You are the best”, “You rock and you can achieve anything you want”, add your own praises whatever you need to hear, adjust that invisible crown and really watch yourself fall in love with you. You can say it out loud if you are alone, or in your head is also fine, it may feel a bit awkward at first but go for it. This may last for just a few seconds until your mind draws your attention to that ugly pimple on your cheek, that is alright, keep trying. You will notice an energy shift in a few tries and if you have been blocking your own manifestation due to energy being low, it will get cleared.

Keep working at your dreams though, do the tasks, take those classes, practice everyday, hone your skills, make your strategy, go about life as usual, but spend a few minutes each day for this, and you will see the magic mirror sprinkle some fairy dust on you. Negative self-talk can be extremely destructive, they say be cautious of what you say to others, but be more careful as to what you say to yourself, remember, not just your mind and heart, your entire body is listening and responding. Have you ever experienced this, when you happen to look into someone’s eyes for a bit too long and something attracts us to that person? We feel sudden compassion and love, it is a bit of magic, try staring into your own eyes in the mirror long enough each day and you will reflect the same compassion and love towards yourself.

Remember the queen, look into the magic mirror, and ask your mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all, all the best my gorgeous souls, let us elevate the universal consciousness by beginning with our own.


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