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What Love is Not

We all yearn for romantic love in life. Very few have found partners that reciprocate that love and even fewer have experienced true, undemanding love. Love without the conditions applied symbol at the corner of the page. Have we ever tried to understand, learn and then teach or discuss what love should feel like? Most of us learned about love by watching movies and TV series that showed us an elusive kind of love, one with loads of drama, emotion, and passion. I have not seen anyone discuss how love should feel with their children or at school. Teachers are only concerned that teenagers must not fall in love with their classmates and hence try their best to move the focus away from topics of romantic love. Sex education is taught but not love education. Most of society is concerned that children should not get misled into love and get abused or taken advantage of. All these are valid concerns but then no one is talking to these children or even young adults about what love should actually feel like. How to distinguish between infatuation and love? How to test these feelings in a safe space? How to know if it is an impulse or actual love?